About Charlie's Angels Security Services

About Us

Established in 1997, our Angels come from an impressive background of former Police, Military, United Nations personnel and martial arts. We provide high quality security solutions to meet the needs of your event (Event Security Services) or task (Bodyguarding).

We also provide educational services (face-to-face workshops or Webinars) for businesses to support and develop individual empowerment and create a culture of respect and inclusion.

We provide services that can be tailored to your requirements:

The premium event security and close personal protection/Bodyguard service...

Charlie’s Angels Security demonstrates elegant efficiency by our female security and protection team.

Emotionally intelligent, experienced, and fully licenced: Angels are trained to be proactively aware and respond appropriately to any situation.

Our Event Angels and Hosts also function as your brand ambassadors by adding
that WOW factor to any occasion, ensuring your brand reputation is enhanced,
and the decorum of your event remains intact.

Karen Lidbury

Karen established Charlie’s Angels Security Services in 1997 to meet the demand for female Bodyguards protecting VIP and CEOs. Charlie’s Angels Security expanded into additional security services meeting the need for professional and discreet female security guards for the event industry.

Karen has a background in personal protection and unarmed combat, and has been a bodyguard for persons of all ages, backgrounds and walks of life, including celebrities, corporate executives, persons under threat, and victims of domestic violence.

As the lead bodyguard for her team of female personal protection specialists, Karen has garnered extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of personal safety, self-defence, event security planning, risk management and conflict resolution.

In 2020, Karen identified another niche in the market and launched a ‘Host’ service, providing well-presented women with excellent communication skills, accredited in RSA and First Aid, and trained to enhance guest experience at events and private parties.

“With a family in security and law enforcement, it was only a matter of time before I was drawn to embark upon a career in personal protection.  My passion is providing safe environments and empowering women to be safer, smarter, stronger versions of themselves. With the aid of the workshops we provide, I hope to reduce the alarming statistics on sexual harassment, sexual assault and bullying, and create a lasting legacyfor women.”

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