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Event Security

⦁ Event Security
⦁ Event/Party Host Services
⦁ COVID Management
⦁ Asset Protection
⦁ Neighbourhood Management

Previous Event Experience:
⦁ Fashion shows
⦁ Weddings
⦁ Private parties
⦁ Teenage parties
⦁ Launch parties
⦁ Product launches
⦁ VIP tents (eg. Melbourne Cup)
⦁ Corporate AGMs
⦁ Protests
⦁ Music festivals

We take a comprehensive view to each event and tailor the security solutions to directly meet your needs. This is how Charlie’s Angels Security operate:

ASSESS: An in-depth interview with necessary stakeholders to understand the event, circumstances, possible threats, and opportunities to create the best environment for all involved.

BRIEFING DOCUMENT: Explaining procedure, process, services provided and potential costs.

SITE INSPECTION: Going on-site and scoping the environment, meet with other services involved in the event (e.g. caters, entertainment, venue management). Give recommendations for increased security opportunities.

DESIGN: A thorough briefing document of your needs and security requirements presented to you for your understanding, adjustments and ultimately approval of services and costs.

ASSEMBLE: A team is hand-picked for each job to match the requirements of the event; briefed, rehearsed and prepared. Local police are informed. Final site inspection in preparation for the event.

DELIVERY: We show up on time and maintain a professional presence at all times. On the job we pride ourselves in being an ‘invisible’ influence on the function and a very visible impact on the sense of safety and security for all the people involved.

COMPLETION: At the end of the event a final inspection is done before leaving.

Our Charlie’s Angels Security  Event/Party Hosts are perfect for greet & meet, ushering guests, managing door lists, and are well-presented, savvy women with excellent communication skills.

We are extremely passionate about your right to feel safe and supported at any event you plan …. and we do what it takes to make that happen.

Close Personal Protection / Bodyguards

Our Bodyguards are skilled in personal protection, conflict resolution, negotiation, de-escalation, extraction, and crisis management.

Operating in highly visible specialised teams, or covert – our Bodyguards blend seamlessly into their environment – often masking as a family member, personal assistant, nanny, friend, personal trainer, or simply another guest.

Charlie’s Angels Security prides itself in discreet and sophisticated interactions, which is why we are renown for working with high profile clientele.

Our Clients:

⦁ Celebrities (from the USA, UK, Australia and more)

⦁ CEOs, board members and other corporate executives

⦁ Teenagers (parents hire us to protect their teenager at Schoolies, parties, music festivals or other events)

⦁ Children (hired by parents to protect their child when a parent cannot be present)

⦁ Women in danger

⦁ Domestic violence victims

⦁ Politicians

⦁ Company VIPs

⦁ High profile individuals

⦁ Individuals under threat

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